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The other founder and principal, Robert E. Tucker, passed on November 14, 2018.

Bob began working in the geothermal power industry when he joined Stone & Webster Engineering in Denver in 1979 and has been a member of the GRC during those 39 years.  Bob led the Heat Balance & Studies Group at S&W and went on to become an executive at Westec, then the VP of Power Generation at both Geothermal Resources International, and Caithness Energy, where he led groups in geothermal power engineering, development, financing, and operations for both US and international projects.

Bob provided management consulting, due diligence reviews, financial advice, and other guidance for geothermal projects.  Bob contributed to projects around the world in all of the major resource areas; he thoroughly enjoyed traveling to project sites in the most remote locations

In 2015, Bob was awarded GRC’s Ben Holt Award for lifetime achievement and innovation in geothermal power plant and process design.  He was known in the industry for his enthusiasm for the geothermal industry and his positive and creative solutions to geothermal problems. Whether the issues were financial or technical, he was excellent at explaining it to others.  He combined these qualities to provide excellent high-level observations that cut to the most important issues and enabled him to provide creative solutions for project issues.  Many in the geothermal power industry, from plant design to project finance to resource development, can point to Bob as a mentor and a positive influence.

Bob had varied interests.  He was an excellent guitarist, collected acoustic guitars and fountain pens, a committed father, grandfather and husband, loved all things purple, and contributed much of his time and energy to Bergen Park Church.  He was very active in his church, as an Elder, leader, and musician.  He also loved to travel and help others in many ways.  He especially enjoyed teaching, which he did in many settings, including several universities.  Through his geothermal consulting, teaching, the church, and friendships, Bob shared his enthusiasm for many things in life, while helping many people along the way.  The geothermal industry was fortunate that geothermal development was one of his passions.

Bob Tucker passed away surrounded by his family at CU Anshutz Medical Center on November 14, following cardiac complications.  He is survived by Terri, his wife of 43 years, and sons Dr. Paul Tucker and Dr. Mark Tucker, both very accomplished in their fields, and three grandchildren.  He will be profoundly missed by those who had the opportunity to meet and work with Bob.